How to Install Gas Safety Device
First Step is to take out the regulator from the Cylinder.

Second step is to add safety device to LPG Cylinder.

Third step is to place the regulator on Gas Safety Device

Fourth step is to clamp the Safety Gauge to cylinder in order to avert gas leak.

It is quite easy and commonplace to install Gas Safety Device as simple as general gas regulator

Easy to check the minor gas leaks
  • Recommended to keep on the knob of safety device while ensuring the gas burner is off, in addition to the dial needle of the device that shows and indicates pressure
  • Advised to switch off knob of the Gas Safety Device and wait for some minutes. If the needle of gauge dial falls at the zero level, meaning there is gas leakage in the line between Stove and Pressure Regulator.
  • There is no leakage, if the needle stands at the same position
  • Pressure Indicator shows the level of LPG in cylinder, therefore allowing users to arrange the cylinder in advance.
Why does one need Gas Safety Device designed by Sohum Autogas ?
  • LPG is intensely combustible fuel
  • Adequate training is not rendered how to use LPG system
  • It is recommended or not to turn off regulator after every application
  • Incidental mistake may lead to explosion
  • Incidents like cylinder blasts are going up at present
  • Removing gas supply pipe from regulator and stove

Important attributes of Device:

As the equipment is integrated with regulator, so there is no necessity of fitting the regulator to the cylinders. It also contains automatic-control device in order to check the flow in case it comes across any leakage in the gas pipe line. The meter gauging device is also added at the regulator that indicates the quantity of gas and leakage (if it occurs) of the gas in the container.

How to Check the Volume of Gas:

For determining check the volume of gas, the user can set IGT Gas-Safety Device on the cylinder, the valve made out of rubber will fit well to the opening faucet, thereby needle in gauge device will start operating smoothly, besides indicating the volume of gas available in it. Where the needle stops, informing the quantity of gas available.

How to Spot Gas Leakage:

As soon as the regulator is attached and the needle gets stuck. See for five minutes. If the needle begins to move without being added to the stove, means to inform that there is possibility of leakage in the pipe. Draw out the regulator and replace the cylinder for to warding off any mishap or untoward incidence.

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