CNG Retesting services

The increasing use of compressed natural gas (CNG) powered vehicles has reduced the emission of carbon monoxide by 80% in comparison to other fuels powdered vehicles, which is why CNG is regarded as a clean fossil fuel. It has also become an efficient alternate to diesel, LPG, petrol and other auto fuels. CNG proves to be economical and effective for use in auto rickshaws, waste disposal trucks, fleet vehicles and delivery vehicles. The use of CNG promotes reduction in emission levels, savings on fuel cost and increased life of vehicle.

With more than twenty years of developments in the field of using CNG as auto fuel, Government has imposed safety regulations for time-to-time CNG retesting. SGSPL renders CNG cylinder testing services at the its CNG Retesting Center, which covers functionality, reliability and leakage testing.

A qualified team members increase cylinders' service levels and the cylinders are passed through different tests, some of which are mentioned below:
  1. Vibration test
  2. Environmental test
  3. Bonfire test
  4. Drop impact testing
  5. Low temperature pressure cycling

Sohum Retesting Centers- Reliable Partners to Customers & Corporates

Th services at Sohum Retesting Centers are carried out following the guidelines regulated by the Indian Government and Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO). Every cylinder is checked for at least three to four hours to confirm its safety for use. The centers are facilitated in a way to meet the quality and testing standards set by government.

  1. The high-end machinery and systems used in the centers for CNG retesting are Water filling stands, Compressors, Oil Remover Stands, Weighing Stand and Painting Zone
  2. CNG retesting centers are PESO approved
  3. For over five years, MNGL, MGL and BGL have partnered with us
  4. Hydro-Testing is carried out according to government guidelines only
  5. Each vehicle gets a Dedicated Service Slot of 3 to 4 Hours
  6. Cylinders are inspected using latest technology (borescope, ultrasonic machine, paint coating thickness machine, thickness measuring machine and pneumatic leakage testing)
  7. We provide Value Added services to customers which involves keeping them informed about the testing processes and safety measures.

What Makes Us Different? 

The professionals at SGSPL follow standard process to assure the safety of every cylinder they assess.

  • Cylinders are internally cleaned
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Tester is used to measure the cylinder wall thickness
  • Water Jacket & Direct Expansion methodology for Hydro static stretch testing
  • Cylinder is dried, externally cleaned and painted
  • Once the cylinder is tested for fitness, it is inked with test mark sign
  • De-pressuring & degassing of cylinders checking of tare weight external inspection
  • Internal checking, hydro-static test, valves fixing, cylinder assembling & dissembling in case of cascades
  • Cylinder is delivered with Certificate and renewed test plate

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